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Totaling is another function of the report view that you can define. Subtotals reflect data rolled up to the selected attribute levels and can be applied dynamically to any report. You can apply subtotals using tata capital forex limited bangalore one of many standard subtotal functions such as, total, count, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, and others.

If these simple aggregation functions do not satisfy your particular needs, you can create a customized user-defined subtotal using the Subtotal Editor. You can apply the subtotal by position, across a level, or using group by. Applying a subtotal across a level calculates a subtotal across the selected attributes. The subtotal is applied to particular levels-rows, columns, and pages. A subtotal for each Region, totaling the individual Employee-Region values, displays on the report.

Likewise, across Region means group by none since there is nothing to the left of it on the report. The result is a grand total. However, if the report is pivoted and the order of the attributes changes, the totals also change. The by position option means applying the subtotal based on its location on the report.

The subtotal is calculated across all attributes and hierarchies on the report. It provides the same behavior as across level, but without selecting a level. Instead, the level is selected dynamically of these subtotals change as you alter the layout of the template. The Basic Report contains the columns Region, Employee, Revenue, Cost, and Profit. You can subtotal by both rows and columns, which provides totals at the employee and region level for each metric. By default, the by position option is selected. Group by applies the subtotal by the selected attribute across all other attributes on the template, regardless of position.