Swiss based forex brokers

Geneva Switzerland based forex firm with plans on becoming a Swiss based forex brokers bank in 2009. They currently do not accept US clients.

They are working to get registered in the United States, but do not have a time line for this. They also provide trading signals through forexsignals. In addition to forex, GFX Group SA also allows their clients to trade metals. As a Swiss based firm, they do not provide any additional safety of funds beyond protecting against money laundering. Although they are looking to get banking status in 2009, it is currently not the case. They also tout having 10,000,000 in paid up capital but when comparing that to net excess capital of some NFA registered firms, that seems minimal.

The charts provided are basic with no additional features like trading off of charts. They provide minimal forex education and resources. They also have news links on their site from Scotia bank as well as Thomson Financial. Forex spreads at GFX Forex depend on if the trader is trading a standard account or a privelaged account. They do provide a basic introduction to the forex market on their website. GFX, like other Swiss based forex firms, are regulated against money laundering.

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