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Smart forex corporate travel card

It’s the smart and safe alternative to carrying cash or using your debit or credit card whilst travelling abroad. My Account portal and mobile application give you the flexibility and freedom to view your currency balances, allocate funds across your currency purses and view any recent transactions. Remember smart forex corporate travel card you can purchase foreign exchange up to 60 days before you travel.

Fixed exchange rate at the time of loading forex onto your card. Top up of foreign currency when required. Purchase goods and services or withdraw local currency from ATMs. Access transaction information conveniently via mobile app and online platform. 24-hour refund assistance if your card is lost or stolen. Order your                                        and cash notes online now and get delivery to your door.

In terms of legislation, proof of identity, residential address and travel arrangements are required to purchase foreign exchange. While the Indulge credit card, with its 22-carat gold inlay and no pre-set spending limit, redefines your prominence, the Pinnacle credit card provides specially crafted services and privileges for your indulgence. You, as a Premium card holder, also enjoy an extravagant reward point earning rate along with quicker redemption options. Indulge in a host of complimentary benefits, including the concierge facilities for customizing your card’s travel itineraries.

There are those who think outside the box. Then there are those who think that there is no box. It is meticulously made with precision, passion and panache to match your chic lifestyle. A credit card that allows you to earn rewards faster and helps you redeem them as per your convenience. A credit card with contactless feature that enables you to make fast, convenient and secure everyday purchases by simply waving your Credit Card at merchant locations where contactless payment is accepted. A credit card with contactless feature and unique card design that enables you to make fast, convenient and secure everyday purchases.

Earn more reward points on your weekend spends and Bonus points on your yearly spends. Prepare for a lifetime of rewarding travel, dining, and entertainment experiences as you choose from a range of Signature, Platinum, and Iconia Credit cards. Exclusively crafted Debit Card to match your lifestyle with host of benefits and features. A power packed debit card , with loaded benefits and rewards programme.