Menentukan variable penelitian dan indikator forex

Berisi berbagai definisi dan batasan konsep-konsep yang sering dipakai dalam ilmu sosial, berserta variabel dan indikator yang sering digunakan dalam pengukurannya. Blog disusun oleh Syahyuti dari berbagai bahan, mudah-mudahan bermanfaat, terutama untuk mereka yang menjalankan penelitian. Do women with agricultural specializations need access menentukan variable penelitian dan indikator forex irrigation water? How will women be affected by intensified production as a result of the irrigation project?

How will women be affected by the increased demand for labor and services created in the implementation phase? Are women now involved in water management? Do they have a role in the settlement of water management disputes? Are women members of water user associations? Does the EA have female extension workers? Are there significant numbers of women farmers, enterprise owners, producers, workers, or household heads in the client population? Do women and men have separate credit unions or savings and loan groups?

Does the beneficiary population have access to finance from both formal and informal sources? Are there differences in access for women and men? If women’s access to credit is more restricted than that of men, how does this relate to women’s property rights and ability to provide collateral? Will the project change existing patterns of relative access to credit for women and men? What roles do women and men play in livestock husbandry and care in the project area?