Mb trading forex platform

IFC Markets: CySEC RegulatedEXNESS: low spreads – just excellent! 2015-mb trading forex platform-23 MB Trading has stopped directly supporting Forex trading.

95 per 100,000 volume of the base currency executed using Forex limit orders. All reviews represent only their author’s opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts. First i would like to start by saying that I had only made about 5 trades with MB trading before i decided to withdraw my funds. The trades were for very low amounts, and the only purpose of the trades were to find out how MB Customer Service would deal with different kinds of situations that may arise.

Rather it was execution, slippage, vitality, opening and closing of the markets, etc. MB Trading is one of the few brokers that will NOT under ANY circumstances correct a mistake that there system makes. But many other brokers will make corrections when the situation clearly shows that there system was at fault. At All Period, and its just the way they do business with others money. There CS reps seems to be either confused or frustrated when asked any questions that are outside the scope of their script. Logic seems to play no part in how they view the customers or their investments. MB Trading Platform along with their Customer Service response to any issues that may arise.

This is not some angry rant from a trader who has picked some bad trades and decides to go online to complain. There are much better Brokers to choose from. I would give you guys a personal recommendation, but the truth is that, just because they’re good to me, doesn’t mean they’ll be good to you. I felt compelled to share my experience with MB Trading because, I feel as if I know the game well enough to recognize when a Company is truly comfortable operating on the wrong side, of “Even” Greed. With that said, I Can’t See MB Trading Being Good To Anyone when an issue arises. Decided to give it a try due to low cost trading.