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Can’t wait until you expand your list of the multitudes of indicators. The problem marketscope forex you mentioned is sifting through them with typically no information from the author about how they are used or what premis they are based on.

MQL 4 does have some brief details on only some of the indicators. Finally a site that will organize and give information on indicators for MT4. Last comment to you posible advertisers, brokers ect. In particular, can you research and give information on the trend signal indicators. Can you please contact me, using our website contact form. Is there any possibilities of Heiken-Ashi indicator or it’s close cousin Heiken-Ashi smoothed indicator’s description in this site in the near future. BTW: This is really a very appreciative site on its own, Thanks fo rkeeping it up!

Hi, I read a book talking about use standard deviation to calculate and set the stop loss price. Similar, the 2 lines under are price – standard deviation and price-standard deviation x 2. Do you know what is the name of this indicator? I’ve possibly seen something like that, but I don’t remember hat it was, I’m sorry. I’ll keep it in my head and next time I come across it, I’ll leave a reference here.