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I would still like to hear from you. Russ you know my story, I’d follow you to the ends of the forex universe. I have lately been spending 8 to 10 hrs daily reading, watching videos, chart analysis, demo trading and Teaching myself to be patient and waiting for the set up. That is the hardest part for me and I truly believe it is the root of my downfall, I constantly want to be staying in a trade and making money. After watching the video, what else would you like to know about Forex trading or the Forex Strategy Master? As for the Forex Strategy Master- Will it make me a better Trader? Part 1–I am just like the interviewer.

I can quite my day job. I just can’t seem to make it consistently. I’ll be doing well then I will go months and lose most of my gains. I’ve tried systems that do well during the London or NY open but then I never get the sleep I need to make smart trading choices.

Staying up all night last spring almost cost me my job because I was so tired that I didn’t hear my alarm go off. I’m still on probation because of the 3 tardies. I am looking forward to the 2nd part of the interview, because it is just so awesome to see Russ. He is exactly as I thought he would becaring, concerned, interested, smart, relaxed, confident, dedicated and a successful trader. I want to be just like him.