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Tesla races back to global No. EV company news: Toyota loadstar uk forex 10 new electrified vehicles for China by 2020, and Nissan plans 20 new EV models for China within five years.

March electric car sales was a record setting month with global electric car sales reaching the second best month ever, and Europe having their best month ever. Electric car market share in China for March 2018 was 1. This sets a record for Europe’s best ever month. Europe electric car market share was 2. The above sales include light commercial vehicles. Note: An acknowledgement to Jose Pontes of EV Sales and EV Volumes for his excellent work compiling all the electric car sales quoted above and below. Annual global electric vehicle sales forecast to hit 24.

Dutch company introduces autonomous electric barge in Europe. Dutch company Port Liner has a better idea. It will be introducing an autonomous electric barge for the European market beginning in August of this year. Electric buses are hurting the oil industry. About 279,000 barrels a day of fuel won’t be needed this year. China had about 99 percent of the 385,000 electric buses on the roads worldwide in 2017, accounting for 17 percent of the country’s entire fleet. Every five weeks, Chinese cities add 9,500 of the zero-emissions transporters-the equivalent of London’s entire working fleet, according Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Note: The 2017 lower figure was caused by a large subsidy cut in China. 2018 e-bus sales should be much better. 3,000 rebate to Nissan Leaf buyers. 3,000 purchase incentive for new Nissan Leafs. On April 26 WEForum reported, “China is adding a London-sized electric bus fleet every five weeks. Every five weeks, 9,500 brand new electric buses take to the roads in China. On April 29 Bloomberg reported: “After Tesla debacle, Denmark reconsiders electric car subsidies.

Any new incentives would be announced along with a government plan to boost clean-energy consumption after the summer. On April 30 Green Car Reports reported, “Draft EPA memo freezes fuel economy standards at 42 mpg through 2026. After announcing its intention last month to roll back emissions standards that require cars to get higher fuel economy, the EPA is now circulating a proposal in Washington to freeze the standards at 2020 levels through 2026. An amazing comeback month for Tesla rising from global number 5 last month back to global number 1 YTD for 2018. Q4, so obv no need to raise money. On April 27 Teslarati reported, “Tesla Semi sighted on cargo route between Fremont and Gigafactory. On April 30 Teslarati reported, “Tesla Model S high-speed police cruisers deployed in Luxembourg.