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Another FX adventure land week is over. We had everything this week from Italian Commedia del’Arte, to Spanish PM throwing away with the rests of old tapas mixed with a supposedly pretty hefty month end rebalancing. Another topsy-turvy week in markets with plenty to whet the appetite Politics was the main theme and hopefully we’re over that hurdle for a while. Markets were pulled and pushed around but we end with no clear direction in many pairs. Here’s the result of the NFP competition for May A great guess of 221k from Красимир Божинов which according to Google is Krassimir Bozhinov. I’m hoping that’s right but my apologies if it’s not. You win the 2 month pass to our Live Trading room, congratulations.

US ISM manufacturing PMI May 2018 58. May 2018 US ISM manufacturing PMI data 01 June 2018 Prior 57. This is going to be one of the key data points to watch as the trade war hots up. US Markit manufacturing PMI final May 2018 56. May 2018 US Markit manufacturing PMI final 1 June 2018 Flash 56.