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Kolachi method of trading forex

Kolachi Method and Kolachi Method 2 kolachi method of trading forex complete methods in every respect. It depends onthe trader that how much does he follow them. Kolachi Methods tell us that change of slope is best time to exit.

Yes now we can talk about best points to take profit. It all depends on charts of the moment because methods tells you principles but not specific situations. Law tells to a cop that if anyone violates traffic law challan him but law never knows that when and where will some one break the law? The higher ema are usuall good points to lock profit. As per Kolachi Method you can and have the capability to go on other side of the axis if you just keep locking the profit. Once you lock one pip profit on a trade that trade is a bonus. Now your margin is free to place another trade.

But it is all MM and a variable of trader psychology. I would say that good entry is important to save your capital and good exit is important to make you rich. Thus gives you opportunity to save your capital. The good exit is when wma changes slope. It depends on the trend or direction of the charts. The good exit may be at 21 ema,100ema or 200 ema or even beyond 200 ema.