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Interactive brokers forex commissions inc atlanta

Interactive Brokers offers TWS web and mobile trading platform. Let other traders know if interactive brokers forex commissions inc atlanta service is worth checking or should be avoided.

2- Quotes are always delayed even if you subscribe to real-time market data. If you complain, they tell you bla. Instrument price is always 15 to 20 cents higher or lower than market price so they can move the spread against you. 3- Wherever your stop is placed, they go get it then the price goes back to the real market price.

4- They will charge accrued interests on forex trades for positions you have closed already. 6- Their Mosaic trading platform glitches and freeze. Their representatives are well trained to give you no clear answer and put your call on hold for as long as you hang up. Overall they will rob you out. You’ll never make money with interactive brokers. I decided against it based purely on that interaction. My conclusion corroborates what others are saying here: IB is either trading against you OR, allowing one of their large clients to.

You simply cannot make money with all these things stacked against you with trading with IB . You lose a lot of money with your trading account with these guys. If you become just a wee bit deficient in your margin, they immediately liquidate every trade position in your account at market orders. This is no doubt about it. But I share my experience with you guys so that you know something could happy. I use their online TWS platform. It is not a very friendly platform to me initially especially their Stop options.