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Indikator simpel trading forex selalu profit

Var Mov ADV -How to Use? Indikator simpel trading forex selalu profit ini cocok juga buat scalping.

1pips di harga high candle sebelumnya take profit -1pips di harga lows candle sebelumnya, untuk open sell kebalikkan dari open buy. NB jika scalping, untuk open buy posisi stoploss selalu anda naikan mengikuti lows price candle berikutnya, SL open sell kebalikan SL open buy. NB : selalu sabar melihat, berlatih dan mempelajari pergerakan indikator di TF M30, dan H4 nanti anda akan mahir dengan sendirinya dan profit tentunya. Trading System Only profit is a trend strategy. Signal analysis of the indicators used, allows to determine precisely the direction of the price movement at different time intervals and at the right moment to enter the market. The system automatically determines the appropriate moments for transactions, which significantly facilitates the work of the trader. This policy has caused great interest among traders in the Russian and international forums.

The archive has a template with the recommended settings. 4 determines the current direction of the trend. Based on the recommendations of the authors, trade is conducted on the range H4 and M30. Image is cost trend direction in the form of a zigzag of 3 lines.

Zigzag of 2 yellow and 1 green line shows upward movement. We are interested in the direction of the last green line. The green line indicates the opening position to buy. Zigzag of 2 blue and 1 red line shows the downward movement and said that the preferred sale.