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Indikator moving average forex strategy

Technical Indicators An indicator is the most important tool for technical analysis. Decisions about how and when to trade can be made on the basis of technical indicator signals. The essence of technical indicators is a mathematical transformation of a financial symbol price aimed at forecasting future price changes. Types of Indicators In accordance with the functional properties, indicators indikator moving average forex strategy be divided into two types: trend indicators and oscillators.

Trend indicators help to identify the price direction and find trend reversal moments synchronously or with a delay. A separate category includes indicators calculated based on volumes. They are included into a separate group because they are part of the trading system described in his books. The above categories include built-in indicators of the trading platform.

38 indicators are available in the platform. A large number of custom technical indicators can also be used in the platform. You can download source codes of various free applications from the Code Base. For convenience, all the indicators are divided into groups in the Navigator window. How to Run an Indicator on the Chart The most convenient way to apply an indicator is to drag it from the Navigator window.