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Anton Kreil is a former professional trader at Goldman Sachs who appeared on the BBC2 TV program, Million Dollar Traders. Currently, he runs the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Hither mann forex scam singapore, selling financial trading courses on the Forex market.

Hailing from the trading floors of Goldman Sachs, Anton Kreil is a renowned character in the educational investing game. Once an in-demand trader at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Kreil is now the managing director of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, selling trading courses and online mentoring programs to budding new investors. Anton Kreil’s educational company is targeted towards those with a desire to learn how to trade financial markets profitably and consistently, and most importantly, to learn how to trade to make a lot of money. While the price is high, the programs claim to give you the secrets of making money in the financial markets taught by a professional who has been there and done it himself. Richard Dennis to prove that anyone, not just those with a special gift for being able to spot a good trade, could become a professional-level trader.

The show took 12 contestants from a variety of backgrounds to try and prove or disprove Dennis’ theory. Kreil has been trading since the early age of 16 and is said to have been snapped up by Goldman Sachs at age 20, one year before graduating from University with a degree in Economics. After a couple of brief stints working at Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan, Kreil became a millionaire trader by his mid-twenties, allowing him the luxury of an incredibly early retirement and a level of financial freedom that most of us can only dream of, according to the TV show that made him famous. After leaving his life as a VP at JP Morgan, Kreil spent some time travelling the world and embarked on an adventure to determine his next steps in life. Upon his return home, he began his journey to become a trading educator to allow others to learn the secrets of his success, following what he believes is his true calling.

Singapore with his wife, Meng Jiang, who is the owner of Panda Chow Chows. Her panda dog business attracted a lot of attention from media coverage on the Daily Mail and Huffington Post. Despite the controversy and claims of animal cruelty, her business has proven to be quite successful so far. She makes money from the venture by selling photo shoots, it’s a very strange niche business to say the least! Since first operating in 2010, the Institute has taken students in from around the world, teaching them how to trade like professional traders at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Welcome to the most comprehensive online Trading Education Courses available in the World. 1-on-1 with a Senior Trader Mentor.

While it’s possible to have Kreil as your mentor, it looks unlikely. While teaching you the technical analysis side of trading, this comprehensive course also supposedly offers a whole lot more than just what you can just find in a textbook. The library of video lessons will teach you his investing approach, showing you how to day trade, how to make economic forecasts and how to perform company analysis, among other topics. The supporting PDFs and excel sheets accompany the video lessons, with the aim to ultimately build up knowledge for you to manage funds in a way similar to top down leveraged hedge funds. The goal at the end of the course, is for you to have learnt how to separate the important information from the noise.

The problem that people don’t realize until they sign up, is that his courses aren’t so useful for retail traders. They are better suited for those who want to break into the investment banking world or the hedge fund industry. Kreil’s strategy is risk-adverse, he builds a long and short portfolio that hedge’s you against a crash or major correction. Unfortunately, none of Kreil’s trading records can be found online, nor can any credible data sources backing up his claims or any historical data on performance. Still, with a long list of testimonials on his site, there could be some truth to his claims. Unlike many others selling online trading advice, he has actually worked in a professional capacity for some of the top financial institutions in the world.

Anton Kreil is not a scam but his programs are definitely not worth the hefty price tags. All these fake traders on social media help Kreil stand out among the crowd and charge premium prices. 1,000’s everyday in the Forex market. Anton Kreil, labeling him a fraud and a snake-oil salesman. While I agree with points raised in the review, it was way too harsh.