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2-dimensionalt billede, der virker 3-dimensionalt, optages vha. Still under active development and highly experimental. A polynomial regression channel trading system loosley based upon Mostafa Belkhayate’s trading system. Remember to update the two references in this robot before compiling it gray label forex the first time.

It will not work if it cannot find the compiled custom indicators. 3 – Slight logic change to avoid concurrent martingales. Dragon Number – Used to track trades associated with a Dragon instance. Only required if running multiple instances on the same instrument. Assign a unique number to each. COG Degree – Degree for the polynomial regression centre-of-gravity line. A setting of 1 uses a linear regression.

COG Period – Number of bars that the polynomial regression should be calculated over. These lines may be optionally used as target lines for trades. These lines are used for trade entry selection and may be optionally used as target lines for trades originating on the opposite side of the centreline. Adaptive Trade Biasing – When enabled, the maximum permitted number of long and short trades will be automatically adjusted based on performance. Hull Trade Biasing – Uses a Hull Moving Average to filter trade entry direction.

If enabled, will only enter long positions if the HMA is rising, and short positions if it is falling. Hull Period – Hull Moving Average period in bars. The HMA is used to aid trade entry timing. 2 Period – If both of these are non-zero, then trades will only be opened when the ATR1 value is lower than ATR2. 2 MA Type – Specify the type of smoothing to be used for each of the average true range indicators.

Long Trades – Maximum number of long positions which may be simultaneously opened. Higher values increase both profitability and risk. Some markets trade profitably in one direction only. Short Trades – Maximum number of short positions which may be simultaneously opened. Buy Wait – Minimum number of bars to wait between entering trades.

Used primarily to prevent trade “bunching” and manage risk levels. Buy Wait on Loss – Additional number of bars to wait after losing a trade. New trades will not be entered until the wait period is complete. Useful for dealing with occasional high-volatility. Allows the market time to settle before resuming trading. Values slightly higher than the COG period seem to work quite well.

Stop Loss – Fixed stop loss position relative to trade entry points. Target Level – Specifies which of the polynomial regression channels will be used for setting the trade targets. 1st channel line on the opposite side from entry being 1, and the 3rd channel line on the opposite side from entry being 3. Higher numbers result in greater proftability and greater risk. Dynamic Targets – Enabling this will causes the targets for open trades to be adjusted to track the specified Target Level with each new bar. Opening Lot Size – Starting order volume per trade. If the Money Management or Martingale functionality is enabled then this specifies the minimum trade volume allowed.