Fxopen forex peace army reviews

It comes pre-loaded with 12 unique strategies that you can switch to within the EA by just a click of the mouse. It’s basically like having 12 EAs in one! Default’ is a very interesting hybrid of grid and trend reversal. Most fxopen forex peace army reviews the accounts you see on this page are using the Default strategy on various currency pairs with all kinds of success.

This thing has clearly performed well for quite a while now. Those kind of gains should not be expected to sustain month over month. You can select the strategy you want to use from a drop down list when you attach the EA to a chart, set your Risk and that’s it. It will do the rest for you. Not only are there now over 12 built-in strategies to chose from, there is now a private member forum where 100s of privately optimized . This is where the value of a community really comes through. Ready to go, out of the box settings.

Simply put, Flex will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolute perfect entry point, at which point Flex will start opening real trades. The default settings will use 6 virtual trades per currency pair to monitor market conditions. Lowering this number will result in less accurate entry points, but higher trading frequency. Raising this number will do the opposite.

Flex EA can be setup to trade just about any trading strategy imaginable. It comes 12 unique built-in trading strategies that you can select with a click of the mouse. This is a hybrid trading strategy of Super Precise, Half Grid and Trend Surfer. 0 strategy based off the original with some slight backend algorithm tweaks.

This opens trades very rarely, but when it does it’s very accurate. Scalps small profits during market corrections. Similar to Super Precise and Default settings but with bigger TP values. Throw paint at the wall and see what sticks.

This is a fun strategy but also very risky! Another  invaluable part of Flex is their very active member forums that contains a load of fantastic information and including lots of very good private . The information provided in this review is only scratching the surface of what Flex has to offer. Here is another Forex Flex EA review by FNT.

I recommend this EA to anybody, It’s one of the best in the market. The EA system is incredible at making consistent profits long term. Hands down best Ive ever seen. It learns and gets to know the movement of the market and executes trade after trade in glorious precision. Run on demo for at least 2 weeks to go Live.