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Ft forex market

Quickly see how your favorite stocks ft forex market rated! Sample model portfolios if you prefer to spend as little time as possible picking stocks. A unique stock screener that includes our stock ratings as part of its screening criteria. Since 2006 we have offered the best stock Rating System online.

Over the years it has helped thousands of investors select winning stocks while steering them away from many big losers! Buy Ratings: These are the stocks you want to own. Historically they have outperformed the market. They usually underperform the market and often end up being big losers. We have yet to find a mutual fund or another online advisory service with performance that compares to these numbers.

Our members love our service because we help them pick BIG TIME WINNERS, and also help them weed out big time losers. Ignoring this advice will cost you a lot of money! Super Stock Screener’s performance speaks for its self. I like to use it as the last step in screening the stocks I buy. Super Stock Screener’s Strong Buy ratings have kept me above the fray better than any other service I have used. I started using your service after many exhausting hours of research looking for similar services. I’ve grown tired of so much bad fundamental analysis and overblown hype, and really just want a simple mechanical reporter of buy and sell recommendations, minus the emotion and opinion.

Your service track record also speaks for itself. Super Stock Screener is one of the best and certainly the fastest evaluation of stocks available on the Internet. It is exceptionally easy to use and the information provided allows sensible investments to be made. I use it as an essential portfolio investment guide and would not do without it.