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Contact Us About Offshore Banking, Residency and Fslic investopedia forex Citizenship, Company Formation and Retirement Abroad Options . Ascot Advisory Services writes articles for a number of publications and e-zines regarding topics and issues of interest or concern to clients. As an expatriate himself, John has lived abroad for many years, and assists clients with services related to the topics on this web site.

There are quite a number of people that are interested in hearing more about offshore banking, tax free bank accounts, and related matters. The problem really is a lack of information on the Subject. Here are some of the facts and also some answers to the mostly commonly asked questions. A good number people are under the impression that such an idea is only for the very wealthy, CIA super spy types, or even criminals.

The fact is that most people who do establish a bank account offshore are not any of these things. They are average people just like you, that either want to take advantage of investment opportunities not available in their home country, or want to safeguard their savings by having it safely tucked away someplace else. First and foremost, what is an offshore bank or offshore account? Most people affiliate the term offshore banking with a bank located in some idyllic palm tree lined tropical tax haven. The truth of the matter is, the term offshore really means anywhere outside of where you are living or residing right now. If you are an American living in the United States, and happen to have a bank account in Canada – then it could be said that the Canadian Bank Account is offshore for you.