Forex trading education singapore context

Forex trading education singapore context Authority’ on Price Action Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition.

First off, Forex is highly leveraged, much more so than a stock trading account. Forex trader or for any trader of highly-leveraged instruments. Forex should be thought of as a margin account, because that is essentially what it is. Nobody who understands these facts would put ALL their trading money in their trading account because it is simply not necessary.

What you put in your trading account does not necessarily reflect all the income you have to trade and it does not reflect your overall net worth. Let’s say a guy in Singapore only has 10K to his name, that is all of his personal money, everything. Conversely, let’s say a guy in Australia has 2 million dollars free to trade with, he is obviously not going to put all of that in his trading account, because he doesn’t need to. He may put 20k in his account just to cover the margins of the position sizes he normally trades. It just does not make any sense and it does not apply to Forex like it might to longer-term stock investors. What about drawing money to live on?

We’d all like to turn 10k into 1 million compounded, but it never happens like this. That just shows you the unpredictability of your equity curve. The compounding effect is stupid because it assumes you won’t have these hiccups in your trading, that’s why I prefer to bank the profits as I make them. OK, so how much should I risk per trade Nial?