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Forex shipping prices to philippines

Whether you are shipping to national or international destinations, you will forex shipping prices to philippines able to make the best choice for each of your shipments. What information do you need ? Sixteen useful pieces of advice on how to get the most from your express transporters. Are you a good logistic manager?

Prepare Shipment Prepare and manage shipments faster and easier. Customs Tools Find tools available to assist you with your international shipping needs. Online Applications Learn and find benefits of using fedex. International Services and Solutions Find and learn various international services and solutions that meet your shipping needs.

Other Resources Find and learn other resources to meet your shipping needs. Regular rates for Balikbayan boxes California Residents only, see promo below. Please call your out of State or country partner for details. PHILIPPINE MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE FIGHTERS, PARAMEDIC, AND OTHER PEACE OFFICERS WITH VALID ID GETS EXTRA FIVE DOLLARS OFF OR FREE EMPTY BOX. NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER PROMOTIONS. SERVICE FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SAVE.

24″X 18″ X 18″, 50 LBS MAX. Available at Los Angeles, San francisco, and San Diego, CA offices only. You may use boxes available at Pilipino Stores. One third bigger than regular balikbayan boxes. Manila Forwarder does not stock 24″x24″24″ box but you may use those available at store. Crates Bigger that 6 cubic feet. Receive monthly updates and promos from Manila Forwarder.