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Forex scalping strategy system v1 4 eagles

Short indicator bars are also blue. Short indicator forex scalping strategy system v1 4 eagles are also red.

This is a warning and change is usually imminent. If the line changes back to the same colour of the original trade, you can reenter and buy back that lot if ALL other entry conditions are met. Short indicator changes colour during a trade, don’t worry, we only use it for entry. Short indicator turns the same colour. This is the safest way to trade the system. YOU like it or not, skipper!

However there are a couple of exit strategies I would like to recommend. However, it can also take you out right before a big move happens. You can tell me what is your take profit? What Timeframe you use this system?

I have asked them to remove the popups at last! I’m NOT the creator of this system. I want to share it here because i have read that a lot of people already have success in trading it. Some already doubling their live accounts!

Very interesting and might be worth to check and evaluate here in FF. The logic of the system means trading trendline breaks in the direction of the trend and momentum. I shared this system from another thread, and maybe add some of my personal touches. When you say Daily Candle, does it mean the candle of present day? Sell price should be below Day Open.

The daily candle indi measures the current price to the daily open price. Simply put, if its green – only look for long setups, red – only short setups. All the charts that were posted follow this rule imo. It seems similar to the MAX system, too.

As i observed the majority of trades were closed manually and not at TP. So the initial RR was not confirmed. Is this a must or it was your choice because of somekind of exit rules? Exit i think would depend on trader.