Forex rate determination and forecasting

Forex rate determination and forecasting the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Do you talk to your partner about retirement? A pretty country cottage is a quintessential image of Britain on a warm summer’s day, but would you buy one?

Are Brits falling out of love with fashion? Does Britain have a downsizing crisis? 50,000 a year – can we make it? In our series Money Pit Stop, we ask an investing expert to give our readers a free portfolio makeover.

Merchant seamen Fiona and Greig, both aged 35, want to retire at 50 but have reached a crossroads on how best to invest their retirement savings. 50,000 joint income in just 15 years’ time. To do that they plan to pursue their high-risk Asian growth-focused investing strategy and take advantage of one of their pension schemes being an international plan, which lets them access funds at 50 rather than 55 – the earliest age UK savers can usually tap pensions without getting hit with a massive tax penalty. But this more flexible scheme has just undergone a revamp, throwing them out of the Asia fund they used to invest in and offering a different small choice of funds. They want to know whether they should stick with this limited range of investment funds for the sake of getting early access to their money, or move it to a Sipp where they could pick other funds they feel have more growth potential. 80,000 worth of equity, and investing the money in Isas, which they plan to make more use of with their regular saving. Are their early retirement dreams achievable?

We’re prepared to take some risks to achieve good performance long term,’ say the couple. They are considering Scottish Mortgage investment trust as an option. The couple are currently considering selling the rental property and investing the money into Isas. 65,000 in the same plan with Scottish Widows but is not contributing due to redundancy. She is currently contemplating transferring her fund to a Hargreaves Lansdown Vantage Sipp which has a lower account management charge and allows people to move funds around online. We would particularly appreciate advice about what to do with this plan as it is accessible at 50. Previously we had this money invested in the Fidelity Asian Special Situations fund which has now been removed and replaced with the Asia Focus fund.

We’re reluctant to transfer these to a Sipp due to the access age but are unsure if we will get adequate performance now to use the value to live on between the ages of 50-55. Both Fiona and Greig currently have all the money within this plan in the Asia Focus fund. They want to know if there is a better way to invest it using the limited funds on offer, or whether moving the cash elsewhere for more investing flexibility is worth while despite losing early access. 15,000 in an Aegon pension from a former employer. The couple add: ‘We would appreciate if state pension wasn’t factored into any forecasting in case it doesn’t exist by the time we reach that age.