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Forex news gun trading in texas

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This weekend—the DNC, the governing body of the national Democratic Party—heard us and took action: They passed an official resolution rejecting donations from the gun lobby and other corporate donors that conflict with the Democrats’ platform. And would you know it, it’s true! Saturday passed a resolution banning donations from corporate contributors whose areas of interest come into conflict with the DNC’s stated values. The resolution, which was introduced by California member Christine Pelosi, passed unanimously. Christine Pelosi has introduced similar resolutions before that were shot down over concerns about which industries the measures would target. The move was celebrated on Twitter by progressive members of the Democratic Party who have been pushing to reduce corporate influence in the party. Thnx Pelosi for taking a stand.

The resolution’s strength in the DNC is unclear. Pelosi issued a call on her Twitter account, challenging Perez to uphold the vote of DNC members. Wait, there’s another Pelosi in California’s future? Republicans just got a whole lot clearer. Well good the gun lobby doesn’t need to be giving you money in the first place anyways.

And look at the Dems who received contributions from the Political Victory Fund, spent them in getting elected, and now claim to be giving the NRA’s money to the Anti-Gun Lobby. SPOUTING AND SUPPORTING FAKE NEWS IN THE ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW THE U. But I’m too lazy to look it up. Israel and other european and african nations.

DNC: Its for the children, except when it comes to abortion. I guess that is more of a Democrat thing. Since the DNC has said they will not accept money from corporations that do not support their values that lets you know the DNC is pro-sexual assault and harrassment. It also lets you know that, also like Weinstein, they prefer powerless and unarmed victims. I consider it a service that the DNC has been so clear in their anti-woman and anti-victim stances.