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Forex is not meant for everyone

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There is currently no data for Max Petroleum. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. From my broker today, for the final corporate action on Max: Adios Max. 6th October 2015 and subsequent Liquidation of the Company in 2017, we have received notification that the Max Petroleum shares are no longer eligible to be held within the UK Settlement System. We have therefore removed the Max Petroleum shares from your account. Should we receive a distribution as a result of the administration of the Company, we will notify you at that time. Please note, however, that there can be no certainty that such a distribution will be made.

Should you wish to find more information, please visit the Max Petroleum website, www. I can’t read it, as I’m not a LSE member. What you have to remember is this a new completely different company from the last one . Body that regulates or takes notice of these cons ,even the FCA could not care less . Keep trading under max petroleum with share holders money ! Friday 4pm is Wine bar time with the residue of our cash. Not expecting any cash result but some form of closure would be nice!

Not surprising at 4pm on a Friday in London! I wrote to them too, about 3 days ago. I now have a bit of free time, so was going to ring them, but their new website isn’t loading up lol. What has happened to my investment? Halifax are still showing some form of holding in my portfolio. Are you still a P L C with share holders or not? Max is still operating and expanding globally?