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No material on this website may be used, reproduced or duplicated without written and expressed consent. Company seems to be out of business. Forex Broker Inc is a forex broker. 40 of the most traded currency pairs, cfds, energies, and metals for your personal investment and trading options. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. 850 balance with them being my first broker, and even received my withdraw from them, but eventually they started telling their clients to move to a different broker because they were “Updating”, so they stopped all charting platforms. Afterwards, I moved brokers and notice their website is a lot harder to find through google, and they’ve been updating for a while now, so I guess they’re officially closed down.

I’ll give them an average rating because the only thing I disliked was the dealing desk swap per trade. And they were an “okay” broker to do business with. Of course, I haven’t tested higher withdrawals with them because I didn’t go crazy flip mode, so I don’t know how they’d feel about larger withdrawals, so that will remain inconclusive. I didn’t do any trading yet because I was still relearning forex. When I tried to reach them earlier this year, my emails were returned as undeliverable.

I noticed at the time, their website was down. 400 to my account for trading. When I submit the form to withdraw months late, Forexbrokerinc confirmed received my request for this withdraw by sent me a email after half month. However, they never actually start to process the withdraw from last year till now. 567 USD when I last traded in 2016. Then in Jan 2017 I tried to log into my account but I couldn’t .

After my several emails, they replied that I can either withdraw my money or move it to FXChoice. They have disappeared and have not yet refunded my money, nor are they replying to my emails. To my detriment, I started with this broker about a year ago. 7 for help, it seemed legitimate. The assistants were helpful and responded right away if you had any questions about accounts and general FOREX knowledge. Then around December 16, things started to go downhill. No more live chat, and now that they’re “switching to a new bank”, trades can’t be placed anymore and my account can’t be logged into with my credentials any more!

It’s like all of my money vanished without any explanation! I no longer wanted to be in the Forex business with this sleazy, unpredictable broker, so I placed a withdrawal request to remove over 5k out of my account in early December 16. After many attempts to contact over the last two months I’ve gotten nothing but the same excuse: We are having massive requests and our new bank has new regulations. Nothing but the same excuse every time! No timeline on when I’m going to get my money!

This company’s operations are unethical, leaving people uninformed about major changes like why the account login function suddenly just disappeared, how much money is in our accounts, and what bank are they transferring money to. If I get my money back, I will repost with update! If not, I may pursue legal action, maybe look into a class action suit. This scam is sticking out like a sore thumb! I have been waiting for my withdrawal for about 6 months now.