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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Please include your IP address in your email. Standard period settings for RSI is 14 periods, which can be applied to any time frame. RSI indicator compares the average of up and down closes for a specific period of time. RSI moving above 50 level — uptrend is confirmed, below 50 — downtrend is confirmed. RSI peaking above 70 level — market is overbought.

RSI staying above 70 level — uptrend is running strong. RSI exiting 70 level — downtrend is underway, or at least a correction down is due. Opposite for RSI falling below 30. RSI trend line breakout – early warning about chart trend line breakout. RSI diverging from price on the chart — an early warning of a possible trend change. Let’s review each of these RSI signals below. Readings above 70 indicate an overbought market, while readings below 30 indicate an oversold market.