Forex cargo

Last August 2017,  Forex Cargo Phils moved to a new warehouse forex cargo Quezon City. We have been getting a lot of calls here in the U.

Just a few days ago, the phone system has finally been installed. Call to schedule Forex Cargo pickup today. Philippine Bureau of Customs recently came out with new regulations regarding cargo shipment to the Philippines. The BOC announced recently that it will implement stricter rules in sending and receiving balikbayan boxes overseas. 04-2017 requires the sender of balikbayan boxes to submit export declaration and packing list.

It entails listing down each item inside the box, this measure is taken to ensure that no illegal items are placed inside the box. Forex Cargo urged our customers to comply by listing down detailed items inside the balikbayan box. A copy of declaration form can be downloaded here. Why Choose Forex Cargo Deals Canada? Whatever the end destination for your cargo is, be sure that thanks to us it will arrive on time and even faster! Working in the industry for many years, our company trustworthiness has built us a solid reputation!