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Ejecutivo de televentas interbank forex

The GDP growth rate remained in a minimum of 1. After a decreasing trend the GDP growth rate remained in a minimum 1. The forecast for 2017 was 4. The expected growth rate ejecutivo de televentas interbank forex the US GDP was 2.

74 and for 2018 from 19. The expected inflation rate for Mexico for 2017 is in 6. For 2018 it is forecasted in 3. Based on the monthly surveys from Banxico among private firms. This document is prepared by Acus Consulting and Alberto Calva. The purpose of this document is to support the executive’s decision making process by presenting in a concise and simple way the available information regarding the changing economic forecasts for Mexico.

Neither Acus Consulting nor Alberto Calva are responsible for any decisions made based on the information or comments here presented, neither for the accuracy of the figures. This firm supports companies, organizations and government agencies in financial and strategic analysis, investment project evaluations, financial modeling, valuation of ongoing companies, financial planning, risk analysis and decision making. Acus Consulting works in consulting projects and offers seminars and workshops of finance for executive training. His expertise field is finance and economy. He has been a business consultant for more than 20 years.

He has given seminars and workshops in 8 different countries having trained with this around 10,000 executives and entrepreneurs from 20 different countries. He has a unique mix of academic, practical, entrepreneurial, hands on experience and board member background. In Acus Consulting we respect your privacy. We do not sell or rent our data base, neither we give any data to any person or company. Our data base is used only to send reports and emails prepared by our firm.