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Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. I would presume interim results next week are going to be good, based on buying activity and sp rise this past month. What’s the general consensus on the trading update, do you think the downside is more likely than the upside?

How likely is a set of results to justify these figures, I thought the last update was fairly tame. The trading update hould be interesting- seems the big boys like Google are getting interested as well as Microsoft. No idea how far this can go without plateauing. Just noticed that I was very sceptical on how and why this had risen so fast way back in Oct 16 when it was only 300p.

Anyway, good luck to all holders, one that got away. Let’s see if it can stay up there this time. Hoping for very good news on the back of a positive trading update last month! My best performer as well and I didn’t get in until around 550. Regretting taking profits at 1200 but glad I’ve still got a fair wodge invested. Plan to just leave it alone for the next few years now safe in the knowledge that I extracted the original investment so it’s just profits at risk now. Good to see Old Mutual topping up at this level, shows confidence.

Amazed how this sp is holding up. Good price rise since 25 Jan results and placing, still early today but possible all time high finish? So they aren’t poor results at all then? I don’t think anyone owning these shares was under the illusion that the most recent results would bring the revenue multiple closer to that of a traditionally valued stock, unless they very badly need to stop actively investing. Trying to value a high growth stock entirely on current revenues seems like a nonsense to me.

Likely future earnings are going to be a huge factor in any literate valuation, otherwise you’re just fighting last year’s war. You claimed that this wasn’t a growth stock because of the total revenue compared to market cap. Can you tell me what metric you’re using to judge growth? It seems to be an entirely new one to me where you don’t even need to consider previous results, or in fact anything that would enable to see whether a company is well, growing. 20 million in revenues is pathetic for a company with a 1 billion MC .

Even 20 million profit would be pathetic for this MC. Tech stocks were hit hard in the US on Friday so some of the drop across the tech sector is in reaction to that. In what sense do you see those results as being poor? To me they looked like everything you could ever ask for from a growth stock as this point in its lifecycle. This is just an incredibly volatile stock, which makes sense given its meteoric rise and the wide range of valuations possible for a growth stock of this nature. Still, the price will follow the results over the long term which can only be good news for stock like this which is, after all, doubling revenue YoY.