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Daily forex rates philippines

daily forex rates philippines months after Rodrigo Duterte sat in office as President of the Philippines. The author had immediately intuitively sensed that something was terribly wrong about this man who would lead the country for the next six years. But I hate his terrible sins.

For his own sake, I hope that he amends his evil ways and saves his soul as his days are numbered. A terrible dark evil presence now engulfs the Philippines. We have a leader who is not leading our people to a better life. As human beings, our most important priority is to reach our highest spiritual potential and save our immortal souls. For what indeed does it profit a man to gain the whole world but suffer the loss of his soul.

From the first man to the last, the history of the world has to do with the unending conflict between good and evil. How is it that cruel evil leaders like Stalin, Hitler, Marcos, Mugabe, etc. How is it that the Philippines, which is supposedly a Catholic country, now has so many people supporting mass murder as an instrument of national policy? Duterte is no different from other tyrants in proclaiming his love for country. Tyrants justify their evil actions by saying that the people whom they oppress, torture and murder deserve these.

Hitler did horrible things, but the German people cheered and idolized him. He cleaned the streets and made the trains run on time while he slaughtered his enemies, millions of innocent Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals. The same thing is now happening in the Philippines. Political manipulation backed by force in the guise of seeking a desired good is now a darkness that engulfs the whole nation. With their politicization, many have forgotten that they are Catholics and Christians. They have stifled and silenced the sacred voice within them that tells them that using mass murder as an instrument of national policy is an abhorrent monstrosity that cries out to heaven for justice. Like Marcos, Duterte brings out the worst in people.

Not surprisingly, the politicians and others who were with Marcos are now with him. They support, endorse and cover up his murdering ways. They close their eyes and praise him and cooperate with his evil instead of condemning and fighting against his darkness, to soothe their internal pain of shutting the truth and the internal anguish of their own moral cowardice. So many innocent lives are now being snuffed out and their families suffer so much. Life is sacred and from God. The right to be alive is the most basic human right.

The evil of drugs cannot be fought with a greater evil. Mass murder as a state policy is worse than drugs. Well-meaning men and women of good will can no longer wait and must now fight this terrible violence and the promotion of the culture of death that Duterte is promoting and inflicting on the Filipino people, as more innocent people will be killed or hurt by him if they do not. These escalated when I called for the resignation of Duterte in an ABS-Cbn TV interview after his repeated dirty mouth crude insults and tirades against world leaders and other nations and the continuously increasing everyday extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Duterte organized killers at their discretion. Many drug addicts and even drug dealers have been rehabilitated and turned out later to be productive decent human beings. Respect for the lives of human beings and their right to prove their innocence are universally recognized values which every decent human being should respect.

Love of God and neighbor also includes forgiving our fellowmen when they err and help when they need it. People can change for the better. Duterte does not believe in forgiveness and that people can change. On record, more than 3,500 people have already been killed including many innocents who would still have been alive today if Duterte had not become president. If this state sponsored killing spree continuous and good hearted well-meaning Filipinos just passively and silently accept this situation, it means that nobody will be safe from being murdered anytime by the police or by anybody. Just label the dead victim as a criminal, a drug addict, a drug dealer and this everyday occurrence becomes a part of the norm.