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Center of gravity indicator amibroker forex

Hi everyone and welcome to the Forex COG Master Strategy report! In this report I’m going to introduce you to a very unique and interesting trading technique that is about as close as it gets to picking tops and bottoms. First we’center of gravity indicator amibroker forex take a look at the FxCOGMaster indicator, then we’ll take a look at the ForexCOGMaster H indicator, and we’ll even throw in a nice filter too as our entry trigger.

So what is COG anyway and what does it mean? To be precise, it stands for Center of Gravity, and the theory basically states that price has a mean average or center of gravity that it always rotates around. Basically, as price fluctuates up and down, it will come back to its average and return to an appropriate value. When price gets too high, it will come back down and when it gets to low, it will come back up.

FxCOGMaster Let’s take a look at our first indicator: the FxCOGMaster and this will become a bit clearer. There’s also a blue line that runs dead center in between. This is the center of gravity line. On the other hand if price is at the lower border of the FxCOGMaster it can be said that the market is oversold. In both cases, there is a very high likelihood that price will return to its middle line or Center of Gravity. FxCOGMaster H The next indicator that we’ll look at is the FxCOGMaster H. This is an oscillated representation of price in relation to the FxCOGMaster on the price chart.