Can malaysian trade forex

Trade this stock and win a FREE I3investor T-shirt after can malaysian trade forex trades. The rest of u pls follow signalmw. Monday want buy or sell ? Datokim, why you want to sell off when reach 8 cent instead of wait for 9 cent ?

Canvintaneng, I try to understand why people like Sarahfueton and joetay2 here. Sarah should be fne eventually as Mrcb will still go back above Rm1. As for joetay she should go for treatment in Tanjung Rambutan. Nobody is able to help Joetay. And she herself has lost total control of herself. So a mental institution will be the only solution. Calvintaneng, yeah, our society have many mental health issues walking folks.

I hope we are blessed with MRCB. I’m let’s hope tht mrcb will go back up to RM1, and Dato Kim 5millions share would only meant as a wall to break. Good time to buy now or ? Who want to buy my farm? Looks like MRCB price will start to fly later on. Okoki tell mahathir to cancel hsr. Tun m cancel komuter, lrt, mrt, hsr and built another proton no 2.