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John Halpin – Legends Of The Digital World 2. LIVE Online Virtual Summit Reveals the Secrets of Top Online Marketers that ACTUALLY make them Multiple 7-Figures a Year. Actually, the market is even better burris forex 3 12×56 review times, because most niches now have micro-niches that let you laser target your product.

Hi Mike – this list is exactly the type of info I’m looking for so thank you! I’ve checked most of the names and some are definitely still active so I’ll be reaching out to them soon. And, it makes me feel cheeky to even ask but if you’ve got an updated list, I’m all ears. 0 Update featuring a primary JV invite courtesy of fellow JVNP 2. Legends Of The Digital World 2. 0 Partner, Legends Of The Digital World 2. 0 is a paid, Online Virtual Summit.

You’re making money on the front end regardless. You pitch your offer at the end of your live presentation. And in the recordings, people will get to see your pitch, as well. Visit the Affiliate Registration Page and find the link to the JV Details. Our contact info can be found there. Have a presentation that provides value and offers a high ticket product at the end.

Do the presentation on the agreed on time. Send out 3 emails to your list to the tickets page. We’re giving you most of the money upfront on the tickets and the upsells. So you will make money regardless. So your conversions should be over the roof.

All you need to do is send out 3 emails to your list spread apart which mention you’re doing a virtual summit with the top people in the industry. We’re looking forward to working with you! John Halpin’s Legends Of The Digital World 2. Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.