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2ndskies forex price action setups

I hadn’t gotten 2ndskies forex price action setups response from Trade2Win in sometime so was surprised to find one in my email box, but I got an email today about responses in this thread. I stopped posting in here because T2W stopped approving my posts.

I contacted the admin to ask why, but got no response. In regards to this statement above from pboyles, first off – my managed program isn’t a ‘scheme’. If you read the website for our managed program, we have no access to client funds whatsoever. All funds are parked with the broker directly and never even pass through our hands. We are simply given LPOA level 1 access, which means only permission to trade – and zero access to client acct info, funds, etc. So getting regulated in the EU only means I can take clients from the EU.

I’d have to get a separate registration from the NFA for the US, FSA for the UK, ASIC in Australia, CSA in Canada, and so on. We manage funds for two private family offices, and their CIO audits our trading yearly as per the family office requirements. We are not required by law to be regulated to trade their capital, so it seems there are a lot of assumptions about us and our ‘scheme’. If you have evidence of such tomfoolery by us, then please present it here. As to posting here in the future, should T2W allow me to post articles and content again, then I will certainly reconsider this. Are you sure you want to go down this route?